Friday, November 27, 2009

Why Packaging?

image sourced from port2port press via design sponge

I have always loved a good ‘gift-wrap’ and always spent just as much money buying beautiful wrapping paper and ribbon, however my eyes were widened a few years ago when I started buying items off Etsy. The creativity, details and love that went into packaging the items I had bought was really inspiring.

So… the idea of this blog has been sitting with me for a long time. This blog is dedicated to all things gift wrapping and packaging. You will all have your own ideas on what makes a beautiful package and I hope that you will be happy to share some of them as time goes on.

To get things going, I thought I would introduce you to some images from the Lovely Package Exchange that is hosted by Danni from ‘Oh Hello Friend’ a couple of times a year.
As you will see, packaging can be:


image sourced from Amanda Rae


image sourced from: Country Living


Christmas Wrapping - image source from Country Living


image sourced from Givers Log


image sourced from Dandee Designs


image sourced from 
This first post is going to be celebrated with a give away of some of my favourite packaging items which include:
x 1 roll of Kozo tape (not pictured)
x20 glassine envelopes
x5 Songbird stamped cloth bags
4x2m Vandoros Striped Ribbon
x1 pkt delicate paper lace doilies from Nice Package.

This giveaway is open to all Ribbons and Pom Poms Followers. So step one is to follow the blog! Then post a comment telling us what you think makes a beautiful package. The winner will be picked at random on Sunday 6th December at 6.00pm.


sewfunky said...

A little bit of creativity, some ribbon, maybe even a little fabric... that makes a great packaging theme for me! Means you can reuse and recycle even the packaging. Hehe!

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

I think good packaging complements the gift inside, like an extension of it! :)

xx Pick me random winner picker pick me! hehe

Jane Mohr said...

Good packaging looks too good to open!It says the giver has put a lot of thought into the gift- even if it's just something little.

Mira Design said...

When my daughter goes to a birthday party, we often wrap the present in one of her drawings. She always create her own cards, often "pop-up"-ones. I like that!

Bam Bam Creative said...

care and attention to detail are always something that I appreciate. I like anything hand finished, like a handwritten note to make it personal or a card made from a photo. The best part to a good package is when people have used what they have at their finger tips to create something beautiful, rather than to spend a lot of money on bells and whistles =)

Great blog Sarah!

Jody Hayes said...

I think great packaging says something about the giver and the present.
Handmade is best. Colour themes are always good and if it is a bit quirky or unexpected then even better.
This is a GREAT idea for a blog.
My class and I had a look at it as part of our 'letting others know they are important' work for Christmas.

The Devonport Craft Market / Cotton Kiwi said...

Fantastic blog Sarah. Great idea! For me, beautiful packaging is all about fun and personalising and doing my best to use what I have in the house. I love to personalise. The best thing I have invested in is a set of alphabet punches so I can make personalised tags and cards. Even a last minute gift can be made beautiful, I have been know to rip a page out of a road map book and use a piece of black elastic that was floating around in a hire car to wrap a last minute gift. The recipient (my then 12 year old Godson) loved it and saved the 'wrapping' to stick on his wall.
Hope I win!!

Georgiebird said...

Ohh what a great blog for wrapping geeks like me. I love receiving packages that are thoughtfully wrapped. The last present I wrapped was in newspaper with a newspaper ribbon and fresh flowers.

Brumby said...

How perfect to stumble across your blog, I am soon to start a business and am contemplating exactly the same myself. I am rather fond of recycled packaging where practicable, newspaper and so forth, and quite like the idea of wax seals in lieu of sticky tape as well!

Cat Taylor Design said...

I have to say I am a bit of a fan of the old paper and twine. But I also love to use hand painted (by the kids) paper for wrapping presents for kids parties and family. I love to recycle where I can with old children's books, etc. I am also enjoying hand stamping kraft paper with white ink at the moment, something about the opaque white on brown is just so lovely.

Pick me - pick me - pick me :D

Ruby in the Dust said...

i love having layers to open; some tissue paper or old sewing patterns, then some nice paper and ribbon to finish. aaah!

Kym said...

Ooops sorry! I hope I got it right this time :) I think lovely grosgrain ribbon really finishes of packages and presents.

briansanunusualnameforagirl said...

What makes a beautiful package? Mainly the care that has been taken by the person packaging. You don't need the brand new flash paper or ribbons. I've always made an effort to personlise packaging.Recycling is always good-reusing plain, brown paper - I've wrapped gifts in scarves. I like the gift" to be the whole package whether its fruit in a basket, pie in a pie dish, biscuits in a styley tin. I'm a strong believer in using what you have around you. Great GREAT blog too by the way

sydney85 said...

A lovely package is the bonus to a gift. It makes you look at the gift and not want to open the package but it makes you so curious to know what the package holds that you have to open it!

Freedom Creative™ said...

A beautiful package is simple and creative on the outside, classic and too gorgeous to open! Once carefully opened, the inside gift/item should be something that the giver has thought about for many hours, so it is personal and special. :)

Skipapple said...

To me, a re-usable package is most appealing. I know that's the practical, environmentally conscious side of me coming out too, but there is something so lovely about a functional gift wrapping. I love gifts that are wrapped in a lovely fabric that I can then re-use to turn into something else (Of course, that is not always practical) I do particularly love a brown paper package with a pretty ribbon tied around it too.

R.W. Scissors said...

I love giving and wrapping gifts. Whether I'm using newspaper or shiny new stuff, I try to wrap things with care and thought. Sometimes my wrapping is themed to the gift or to the recipient, and sometimes I'll do something just because I want it to look cool.
My favourite gifts to receive are from my grandpa because he still signs them, "With love from Grandpa and Grandma S.", even though my grandma has passed away.

packaging usa said...

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