Monday, May 3, 2010

Farewell Ribbons and Pom Poms

I love you, I still love love love packaging but I have little time in my life and managing 2 blogs is just not working out.

I will feature packaging on my main blog Songbird Designs so if you are interested, please pop on over and follow me there!

Over and Out

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beautiful Shop Packaging: K is for Calligraphy

Simple. Elegant. Functional 

This is shop packaging at its best. It helps that the product is amazing (always)


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Packaging Eye Candy

Start with this:

Do this

or this

the above three images sourced from Decor8

and more

How about Orange for a tutorial. Thanks to Sarah for bringing this to my attention.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Other uses for Divine Twine

Following the great interview with Whitney from Whisker Graphics and Divine Twine, my attention was drawn to this posting by Cathie from Just Something I Made (check out this blog full of all sorts of goodness).

So lovely!

There are many more examples on the post. Check it out.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ribbons and Pom Poms Interview: Whitney Beard from DIVINE TWINE

Introducing Whitney Beard from Divine Twine and Whisker Graphics.

I came across Whitney Beard and Whisker graphics last year, somewhere in the blogosphere and once I found her, I was hooked on her work. 
Whitney launched a new product late last year which is just DIVINE - In fact its DIVINE TWINE!!

You will see from some of the posts here at Ribbons and Pom Poms that we are quite partial to bakers twine and we are so grateful that Whitney agreed to share a little about what makes her tick.

Check out the interview below:

Can you tell us a little about yourself?.
I live in Northern California, USA with my husband, two tween and teenage children and our schnoodle, Lola. I went to school for Graphic Design in San Francisco (many years ago!) and use some of what I learned at art school to run Whisker Graphics. (It’s shocking how many hats you have to wear running a small business!)
I’ve always loved paper goods. About a year and half ago I started selling personalized stationery on etsy.. Several months later, I added DIY pdf printables that can be self semi-customized. A couple of months ago, I went out on a limb and started producing Divine Twine, bakers twine in yummy colors.

Bakers twine – you love it! Tell us why?
I love how bakers twine is simple and sweet, yet beautiful. It brightens up anything it adorns. And it can be used in so many ways! Wrapping Gifts, Scrapbookking, Greeting Cards, Crafts, Product Packaging, Floral Arrangements, Wrapping Baked Goods, Hang/Gift Tags, Garlands… I’ve even used it in the garden to keep a rose tree from falling over! Plus, it just makes me smile.

What is your main source inspiration from?
I don’t have a main source of inspiration, but looking through magazines, blogs and websites are always fun. I’m always impressed with the wildly creative store displays at Anthropologie and the amazing paper crafts that Paper Source comes up with.

What are your packaging supply staples?
A HUGE roll of both tan kraft paper and white butcher paper,
Divine Twine (of courseJ), various labels from Paper Source, and plain white labels in a variety of sizes that I print designs on.

What makes the perfect package?
I don’t know about perfect, but I love when you can tell that thought and care have been put into the package/wrapping. The little details. I also really enjoy when the packaging involves supplies you don’t see often or a supply is used in unexpected or unconventional way.

Top tip for creating the perfect package
I’m partial to layers or 3-D items on a package. A paper butterfly, labels creating a polka dot pattern, buttons, bakers twine, itty bitty pinecones, or a drawing…

Favourite Blogs / Inspiration sites?
Miss B at

Currently you can buy Divine Twine direct from Whitney at Divine Twine or at her Etsy store (where you will find a load of her wonderful printables as well!)

We here at Ribbons and Pom Poms are crossing our fingers that soon we will be able to bring you Divine Twine in NZ (you heard it here first!)

Thanks Whitney for sharing with us!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

image courtesy of Thompson Family Life
This blog is seriously worth a look - she is one talented lady!

Happy New Year!
We are currently on holiday but will be back soon with a fab interview, Kozo Tape feature and even a giveaway!